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October 19, 2009


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Isabelle Jones

Hi Chris

This is truly inspirational. Have you done this across the board regardless of ability/ behaviour or did you trial this with a few groups/ members of staff first? Am I right in assuming that this is not happening in all years at KS3? How did your staff react to this change?
I am definitely using this in our next Faculty meeting...

Thanks for sharing.


This happens in all classes in all years in KS3. Because we spent time as a department really refining what we wanted to do, staff reacted very well to it and felt they had ownership over it. It is specifically designed to support mixed ability and mixed behaviour learners because those who struggle to focus through a more teacher lead lesson know that 1 in 3 is going to be independent so keep going through the other 2. For more able learners, it gives them an opportunity to be creative or go off in another direction or, very valuably, act as mentors to other learners. I know that Macmillan Academy in Middlesborough have adopted the model after a session I did with them last year.

Helena Butterfield

Hi Chris,
This is truely inspirational stuff. Thank you for sharing it. I will certainly be asking my Head of Area to look at your model.
Thank you,


hi, love this idea. I have been using self-access / self paced learning with some groups, but only as a single unit in a year rather than on an ongoing basis. Have you found any drawbacks / negatives? I am considering something ongoing like this for next year.

Scott Clark

Thought you made a mistake with the cardigan chief. However the FLIP model is a gem.
Scott Clark

Kam Yousaf

Hi Chris
Interestig concept to remove 1/3 of the content, I am not a teacher but I like the concept, I am creating a page with links to MFL resource and I was hoping I could add your article and presentation, please also have a look at www.codework.com/soundbooth I am actively looking for a small number of organisations that we can do some mutually beneficial work with

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