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April 01, 2010


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Viva la revolución. Really well done for yesterday, buddy. I was at Futurelab with @joedale and @digitalmaverick- an interesting day but nowhere near as fascinating as following the #bectax stream. You must’ve been very proud of your bunch. That said, felt like there was a lot of putting the tool first, rather than the pedagogy. Mmm.

Anyway, the revolution bus is going well- still looking forward to a trip up north, that's for sure!


It was great to have your students' input, it added huge value to the day, both as a presence to remind us what we were there for (learners not tech) and because their ideas and comment were excellent.

I also think you've made a great summary there. Just one point I'd like to pick up on is about schools managing their own filtering. Whilst schools must have a degree of control, most will apply a precautionary principle. They would rather block something (or more likely, whole swathes of the internet) than have any risk that something untoward might crop up on it. It is just this thinking that means that this site (or my own) can't be seen in most schools, because blogs are blocked en masse. I think there needs to be some central direction to say to schools, actually you do a disservice to your students by blocking these sites and so we won't allow you to. Rather, we will help you educate yourselves and your students about the nature (good and bad) of them.

I guess this comes back to a general worry about the day: that as a group of early-adopters and enthusiasts we may have ignored that the big challenge might not be how do we push ourselves to do more, but how do we drag along those who don't have the same confidence or see the risk-reward balance differently.


Good point about filtering - I am lucky to work in a school where we ask for something to be unfiltered and it happens, no questions asked. We trust our staff that if they need something unfiltered that they need it for a pedagogical purpose, therefore it is unblocked within an hour. You are right about centralised pressure on schools to liberate the web in their institutions but what I was thinking was the choice for schools to get around the LA filters.
Thanks for the comment on our learners - I was very impressed with them too!


We need to sit down with a couple of key peeps - have you come across Michael Wardle? He is awesome, good friend and is definitely on the bus...

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