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October 24, 2010


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Hi Chris, teachers as learners hey, who'd have thought? As Lovatt said to me on Friday, how many other schools have their own internal 2 1/2 day teacher conference? You ALL seemed very buzzed up about it all. But Doug told me that he thought it was just arrogant self indulgence.

As for personalisation, I think we have to look at how to facilitate both one-one mentoring, and effective self direction, along with wider formative information for the classroom teacher.

I think differentiation is the "teacher" version of personalisation. How can WE make learning personalised?

WE can't, but THEY can. I think we need to look at how we can facilitate this, give them the right tools, and freedom.

If I were in your group, that's what I would say. Then I'd enigmatically disappear into a pedagogically magical cloud...


Interesting one as ever Gwyn. Do we have to make the organisation personalised before we can make the learning personalised? i.e. we have to work within and organise schools in the logistical sense and I sometimes feel that the barriers to personalised learning come, in the first instance, from the way we organise. I would like you to be in my group...

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