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January 03, 2012


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Beatriz Dichtl

Welcome to Melbourne! (I've been here about a year coming from Switzerland) Look forward to hearing your insights (I'm starting a Grad Dip. in education at Monash)


Hi Beatriz,
loving it so far despite the strange hot/cool weather!Will you be at the Clayton Campus? If so, come and see us soemtime as we are on the south west corner of the campus!

Beatriz Dichtl

Hi Chris, I will, indeed, be on the Clayton campus. I have noticed the building on my visits to the campus but have not ventured inside. Once my courses start I will come explore.

Doug Belshaw

Congratulations, Chris! We'll miss your innovation and enthusiasm over here, but all the best in Oz! :-)


Well done the Hartes! It'll be fascinating to compare you experience with the UK, where learning seems to be a dirty word unless it's the brainless 3 Rs - Ram, Remember, Regurgitate. You're well out of it. Just throw another prawn on the barbie and try to think of us as the rain beats mercilessly against the windows here, driven by howling gale force winds!


Exciting times, Chris! Really looking forward to hearing of your innovation journey over in Melbourne. Enjoy, and the very best of luck.

Isabelle Jones

Well done Chris! All the best and please please keep in touch as you know we love to learn from your learning...

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