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January 08, 2015


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I have found myself in a similar situation today, Chris. My seven year old daughter heard on the news this morning (while she was playing with her dinosaur stickers) that thousands of police officers and troops have joined in the manhunt. She came to ask me about it. The most frightening thing for her was that the 12 people at Charlie Hebdo were killed for drawing and for writing, the two things that she like best. It's difficult enough for us, as adults, to make sense of it all.

Mel Cashen

It is such a difficult thing to do. And for every child it is different too. For me Freddy Kruger was harmless and make believe. But the threat of nuclear war stopped me from sleeping at night. You might find this article interesting. http://theconversation.com/what-to-tell-your-children-about-horrific-events-like-sydney-siege-35605 It was written just after Sydney Seige about the same topic.

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